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adaptation, 7”x 4”x 11”
source, 11”x 11”x 4.5”
projections and voids, 6”x 14”x 5”
erosions, 5”x 13”x 13”
experience, 5”x 5”x 4”
flesh, 13”x 5”x 5”
Rosy Openings, 6”x 6”x 6”
Warm Involution, 6”x 6”x 6”
Blush Intricacies, 6”x 6”x 6”
adaptation, 7”x 4”x 11”
adaptation, 7”x 4”x 11”

Each of these forms emerged from the push and pull of my hands working and pinching a single hunk of clay. They are meditations on womanhood, aging and what remains, and can be positioned in multiple ways. All are pinched stoneware with terra sigillata and smoke fired.